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Alfreda's Garden

The Alfreda Vaughn Robinson Memorial Fund

The Alfreda Vaughn Robinson Memorial Fund, is a tribute to the memory of Alfreda Vaughn Robinson, and a continuance of her work to nurture, encourage, and support others in need. Distributions are awarded annually to a person striving for a better opportunity despite life’s adversity. This includes students or persons from an underprivileged background or community, particularly a single parent household, with one of the following criteria:

1- Chicago area high school students seeking a college scholarship
2- A (jobless) person seeking professional training within an accredited construction trade school
3- A single parent looking to extend their educational and career opportunities
4- University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff students pursuing Business Education

As a general guidelines, recipients have demonstrated that they continue striving for excellence despite any adversity they have faced. Alfreda’s Garden is a resource that awards its recipients with an A p.l.u.s., advancing people living under stigmas. Distributions may also be awarded to organizations that support the cure for pancreatic cancer, diabetes and heart health.


Born on March 19, 1951, Alfreda Octavia Vaughn Robinson was the youngest daughter of educators, Alfred and Blossie Vaughn. She grew up in Marvell, Arkansas, and later moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she built a career, several businesses, a family and endearing friendships. In all that she pursued, she maintained a passion for helping others. She often encouraged people with her notable smile and signature phrase, “Have a Golden Day”, and she nurtured many with her thoughtfulness and “no-nonsense” disposition.

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education at AM&N College (now known as University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff), she took a teaching position in Chicago – where she enjoyed developing young minds. She furthered her own education with graduate studies in Accounting, and soon gained a position with Breadbasket Commercial Association, a contractor of the US Department of Commerce, which secured work for minorities. This experience influenced a lifelong career involved in Business Management and Construction Development. When faced with raising her children alone, she became a certified phlebotomist and managed Mobile Insurance Exams, providing home exams for Allstate and other insurance providers, which required long hours but allowed for some flexibility with a young family. She was able to train and employ other single moms to maintain the same line of work and provide for their families.

She had a true skill for meeting people in need, encouraging them to improve their circumstances no matter the adversity, and supported them in accomplishing better goals for their lives. Since she prized education, she made no exception in this requirement for her own children, ensuring that each of her them complete college.

Her generosity of spirit and commitment to education knew no bounds. She spent the latter portion of her life following her passion for construction and yet another opportunity to help others. This led her to launch Alworth Construction Entities, a company in which she employed and trained hundreds of workers and made it her primary objective to bring diversity to the construction industry. Through Alworth, she rehabilitated many homes and contributed to the improved infrastructure of entities such as Chicago Public Schools, Metropolitan Water Reclamation, Domestic Violence Courthouse Project of Cook County, Chicago Park District, and Chicago Transit Authority.

Undoubtedly, she served her life pouring everything she had into people, but also beautifying her surroundings as much as possible. A woman of many talents, including art and piano, she also delighted in sewing as a hobby, which resulted in many fashionable outfits for her many nieces, nephews and friends. All who entered her home, benefited from a delicious home cooked meal or a soft pillow. Of all these things, one that was perhaps the most therapeutic for her was gardening. She took it upon herself to enhance the landscape of not only her own home, but also her neighbors’ homes with fresh flowers and plants. It was a nice touch just to give someone an unexpected “golden day” on his or her drive home with surprise flowerbeds. She exercised a lot of effort to water them and ensure they had appropriate sunlight so that they would grow and return in subsequent years. She looked forward to gardening with her grandchildren. The same work she applied to her gardens matched the same effort she gave people every day. No matter life’s challenges, she planted seeds, and worked diligently to nurture them, sustain the roots, and allow others to benefit from the beauty of their development.

In 2011, she was diagnosed with Stage II Pancreatic Cancer. Even with this challenge, she maintained a positive mindset and remained a survivor for nearly 4 years, after doctors had only given her 3-6 months. Much of this was led by her faith in God, discipline, and her determination to see the next golden day with her family. Sadly, she passed in January 2015.

The Alfreda’s Garden Memorial Fund has been created to keep the giving spirit of this extraordinary woman alive, and to raise money to help others faced with adversity, seek better educational or career related opportunities. It also serves to bring awareness, research and treatment to Pancreatic Cancer, diabetes and heart health.



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  • Nicole R Owens
  • Ramon Robinson
  • Natalie Robinson
  • Ryanna Robinson


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