Avery's Dream: Avery Kohl Humanitarian Fund

Avery Elizabeth Kohl made her dramatic entrance into the world on September 10, 2007 in Logan, Utah. From the beginning, she seemed to know her mom and dad, as she followed their voices when they were in the room. Her sisters adored her, and each of them loved to hold her. Avery was an energetic, engaging child who could charm any one with her big smile. When the family traveled to Disneyland, the princesses were all captivated by this dark haired, bright-eyed little girl scooting across the floor to meet them.

Throughout her time on this earth, Avery’s infectious smile and zest for life were a source of joy to all who knew her. She developed many talents and used them to share who she was with the world. She was an artist and enjoyed drawing, designing, and creating. Right before the Memorial Day family reunion, she designed a car seat out of a shoe box for her American Girl dolls which featured separate compartments, handles, and seat belts. Avery was a dancer, and she wrote in her journal, “My talent is dancing. One reason is that I can spin fast, jump high, and  dance my heart out. That is my talent. Dancing.” She was an expressive dancer and you could see the joy in her face when she was on stage. Avery was also an adventurer who was willing to meet new people and play all sorts of games. A family favorite was partner tag, and she loved playing it with her cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandparents.

In her ten years of living, she enjoyed many adventures with her family. There were family reunions, mountain hikes, trips to Disneyland, musicals, sleepovers on trampolines, movie nights, and much dancing. One of Avery’s favorite experiences was the talent show at the family campout where she and her cousins always created skits and performed them enthusiastically. Avery wrote, “At the talent show, Susie and I did three skits, they were really funny and everybody loved them. My favorite one was called, ‘Going to the Zoo!’ I loved doing the Button song with Uncle Daniel. We had a yummy dinner and it was really fun.”

Avery was known and loved for her tender and sensitive heart. Her sister, Becca, shared, “Avery knew how to love and be kind.” Amelia loved driving home from dance practice and seeing Avery skipping, singing, and picking flowers while she was walking the dog.  Raygan, her oldest sister, remembered how when she would come home from college for a weekend, the moment Avery saw her was always her favorite. The enthusiasm and excitement at having the whole family together meant the world to Avery. Raygan shared, “I’m trying to follow in her footsteps: love deeply, make art, and help everyone you can.” Her mother, Jennifer reflected, “It has been an honor and privilege to have this beautiful, loving,  generous soul in our home for the 10 years of her life. I feel peace knowing where Avery is…and that I will hold her in my arms again.” Jason, her father, noted, “Avery knew from the time she was a tiny child how to love deeply and well. Everyone, no matter their age, was her friend. She expressed her love in constant pure kindness and her gifts of creative art. I love her as deeply as possible, and what helps me, is knowing she loved me too.”

One of Avery’s final assignments in 4th grade was writing about what she wanted to do for her life’s work. She took the assignment very seriously, and after much contemplation, finally decided that she wanted to be a humanitarian. She declared, “I don’t want to be able to walk around and see someone on the street starving. I want everyone to have a warm house and food to eat. I want to help them get to a warm place.” With her wishes in mind, the family set up a humanitarian fund to provide seed money to accomplish her dream.

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  • Jason Kohl


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