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Pete Curley: For Pete's Sake Legacy Fund

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The For Pete’s Sake Fund has been created to honor the memory of Peter Curley and create a lasting legacy by supporting non-profit organizations, individuals and programs including:

  • Disabled and homeless veterans
  • Brain injury and Alzheimer’s research, treatment, caregiver support, and education
  • Scholarships to staff in nursing facilities or hospice who are advancing their education focused on the needs of Alzheimer’s patients and their families
  • Advocating for legislation to increase funding for Alzheimer’s research and support for caregivers

It is our hope that Peter’s fun-loving and “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” attitude will inspire others to support his fund and participate with us in community based events including joining his team “For Pete’s Sake” at the 2015 Annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

With sincere appreciation,

Fund Administrators

Linda Curley, Allison Curley-Mulhern, Michael Mulhern
Fund Administrators