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Hubert H. Hoosman Jr. Circle of Excellence Scholarship Foundation

Hubert H. Hoosman Jr. Circle of Excellence Scholarship Foundation

The Hubert H. Hoosman, Jr. Circle of Excellence Scholarship Foundation’s goal is to assist students in their quest for obtaining licenses, certifications, and degrees through institutions of higher education by providing a resource for the basic tool for success, their textbooks. The cost of college textbooks – hardback, paperback, or digital/electronic – have continued to rise and cause a major funding need for students. The College Board bases the cost for textbooks to be 18% of the school tuition. This estimate, as well as that of the National Association of College Stores, acknowledges the increase in costs as well as the many avenues that students use to attempt to reduce this necessary expense. Renting, borrowing, sharing, library time and purchasing books off season all come with risks and possible deficiencies that may affect a student’s ability to be prepared for the course at hand. Electronic or digital book choices also present the additional cost for technology support.

Mr. Hubert H. Hoosman, Jr., was the fifth stair-step child in a family of six children, all of whom were expected to attend college. With this goal and an emphasis on education being a priority of his father, a school teacher, and mother, a school food service employee, there was great concern for the cost. Hubert and his sisters worked hard to achieve grades that would allow them to be eligible for scholarships to assist with the cost for college. Choosing to stay close to home, Hubert accepted a scholarship to the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) for his academic and athletic ability. He felt blessed that he did not have to work or seek college loans to assist with his expenses as many others did because of the gap that exists between what the colleges note as the costs for education and the real cost. He saw firsthand that what is needed to provide basic needs, such as a full day of meals on the weekend, laundry, medical care, and even hygiene is not given consideration in the cost for college equations.

Thus the foundation of his drive to promote venues to assist in helping men and women excel in education was firmly made on what he experienced as a student and what his family instilled in him as a child especially through their actions, for his parents were known for their generosity in the community even with the responsibility they had for their own. After his college graduation, Hubert dived, head first, at the opportunity to be a part of the UMSL African American Alumni Association and the UMSL Alumni Board where his work received recognition by the State of Missouri. He was an avid supporter of public education and providing services for those who had special needs. His commitment to providing avenues for individuals to excel in education, as well as the world of work, carried over into his professional career as a President & Chief Executive Officer of Vantage Credit Union, a founding member of the African American Credit Union Coalition, and a co-owner (with his wife, Andreal Hoosman) of Haywood Hoosman Realty (residential real estate) and H & H Brokerage Group (commercial real estate).

His motto “Onward and Upward” became a way of life, a never-ending spirit of progress.

Throughout his life, Hubert had an unending source of love for his family. He found his greatest joy in spending time with his wife, Andreal and their children (Camille, Lyndon, Elise, Langston, and Hubert III); his mother-in-law and grandchildren; as well as his large circle of siblings, cousins and friends. He was one who not only supported their dreams but inspired them as he became their role model and mentor. He took great pride in celebrating their achievements and just being a part of strengthening the legacy that began generations ago.

Therefore it is only fitting that a foundation that supports a mandatory need for higher education be established in his honor. This non-discriminating foundation will be available to give assistance by providing funds to students who are enrolled and participating in state certified education programs of higher learning. This foundation will allow his legacy to fill in the gap that many times is the determining factor in one’s ability to receive a degree, license, or certification above that of a high school diploma. This foundation, the Hubert H. Hoosman, Jr. Circle of Excellence Scholarship Foundation, will continue to grow as it helps men and women move.

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