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Hunter Brooks Watson Memorial Fund

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Hunter Brooks Watson Memorial Fund

Purpose of the Fund

The purpose of this Fund is to encourage young people to follow their dreams, to think outside-the-box and to be all they are meant to be.

The Fund will provide assistance to students who have a real passion for something, whether it be music, performing arts, academics, or computer science and technology, is a focused competitor, and has a financial need in order to explore their goals or attend college.

Recipients may be incoming high school juniors through the age of twenty five and will be selected by an awards committee made up of Hunter’s friends and family.

Courtesy of Jason Reif

Interests That Will Receive Special Consideration

  • Music & Performing Arts
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Entrepreneurship

There is no GPA requirement; no community involvement requirement, no religious affiliation requirement and no limit as to the type of project funds can be used for.

The Hunter Brooks Watson Memorial Fund recognizes young people who exemplify enthusiasm in wanting to be the best at something.  That is who Hunter Watson was and what this award celebrates.

Applying For A Grant

Individual grant amounts awarded each year will be from $1,000 to $5,000.

Apply for this year’s Grants by requesting an Application (click here)

Hunter Watson


Hunter Brooks Watson died at age 20 on Saturday, June 18, 2016 in Dover, Delaware due to injuries suffered in a collision. Hunter was a passenger in one of two vehicles involved and although wearing his seatbelt, died at the scene.

Hunter was an astonishing, unique young man. His parents allowed him to live the creative life he wanted . . .to be the person he wanted to be. . .and he was something else.

His goal was to make friends, make every day count, dance like you don’t care and love life. As a result he had more friends than most have in a lifetime.

Hunter was a passionate athlete and sports enthusiast, and participated in wrestling, baseball, and football teams at the Potomac School in McLean, Virginia. He was a fan of soccer and loved to play informally.

Introducing Hunter to piano lessons at age five created a spark that would burn for the rest of his life.

His love of music grew to learning many instruments, writing music and recording.  By the age of 10 his song Video Games was recorded into a music video and created a sensation on YouTube resulting in nearly 6,000,000 views from around the world. Hunter’s preteen Black Out Band played music festivals and middle school assemblies from West Virginia to Maryland and they became little boy idols at their young age.

Taking advantage of the video gaming craze he tried to master as many video games as he could and then created websites where he would share strategies on how to master the games and earned money from the ads posted by Google on his “Gaming Strategies” websites.

After he and his friends attended a “teens only” club during 10th grade spring break in Florida he brought the concept home and began working with DC area nightclubs to sponsor similar events if they would let him promote and sell tickets. He convinced the friends he met at school mixers and sports competitions throughout the area to promote the events to their Facebook friends and sold every event out.

Growing up, magic was Hunter’s hobby and he often performed his shows for family and at school assemblies. His comfort on the stage contributed to being at ease with his band performances. By the time Hunter left for college he became fascinated with popular comedians and would attend their shows whenever one was in town. During his last summer he was working on a comedy script and planned to attend local mic night at comedy clubs In DC to test his skills.

His interest in computers and data analytics led him to identify a department at Syracuse University as having the best curriculum in his interest and he was accepted without visiting the campus enrolling to study Big Data because he believed it was the next frontier in the use of computer technology and data analytics.   He was to enter his junior year when he died.

Closing out his music roots, after he died we were notified by a Syracuse recording studio that Hunter had just finished recording an album containing six musical compositions. We found the cover art for the album on his computer.

Hunter’s interest and ability to foresee the developing trends of his age can be found in many kids like Hunter and those are the youth this Fund will seek to support with their ideas, enthusiasm and dreams.

We hope that you will want to do the same and make others dreams possible with your support of the Hunter Brooks Watson memorial fund.

Fund Administrators

  • Jerry Watson
  • Judy Watson
  • Ted Watson

Founders Committee

Luigi Ambrosi
Abigail Breslin
Madeline Bunbury
Liam Catto
Forest Crane
Jason Reif
Chris Dale
Yannick Dellashavia
Ilana Dunn

Matt Kimm
Hannah Kliot
Matthieu Menand
Jordan Parent
Mark Ramsey
Mathew Salutillo
Will Snape
Connor Sweeney
Ted Watson



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