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Kristen Leigh Taylor Ritter was someone who meant very much to a lot of people. Kristen was a special woman who left a lasting impression on everyone she met. Her death was a profound loss for those who knew her. Kristen had a way of making everyone feel special and cared for. One of her many gifts was bringing people together and making connections around her. Her death, just like her life, has connected people and initiated lasting bonds among those who love her.

Kristen was driven. She was a doer. Her energy was infectious and inspiring. Kristen put herself through college and obtained a master’s degree in order to further her career in the world of communications. She worked for companies such as Realogy, 21st Century Fox, and Aetna, where she left lasting impressions. But regardless of her title, Kristen’s focus was on being a leader who made people feel valued. It was never about the role. To her it was about making a difference. She was a fierce leader, inspiring through compassion and creating excitement wherever she went.

Kristen was a fun, family person, as well. Her family will always remember her as the life of the party, always making sure people were celebrated and appreciated. Her nieces and nephews were her heart and to them she represented unconditional love, comfort, acceptance and fun!

Kristen knew how to get things done, but always had a sense of humor. She had the amazing ability to take care of hearts while taking care of business. We can all think of a stressful time when Kristen, while offering genuine support and help, also cracked a joke to lighten the mood. She always made heavy situations feel lighter. Kristen gave us so much while she was here and left us with inspiration…to LIVE, to make the most of every moment, to take opportunities, to laugh, and to push ourselves to be our best.

But the people who knew her would agree that what stands out most about Kristen was her generosity. Kristen loved to give to others, whether it was time, money, gifts, her personal belongings, or even bone marrow and plasma. Her family found out, at her memorial service, that she had stayed late at work one time to donate plasma to a coworker. No one had known that she had done that.

Kristen also became a champion for Special Olympics and gave much of her time, energy, and money to the New Jersey chapter of Special Olympics. She helped make corporate connections as well, helping the organization gain the publicity and funding it needed to expand its programs. Kristen wanted nothing more in life than to make a difference and to inspire others. So it’s only fitting that the way her family and friends chose to honor her life was to establish a memorial fund in her name.

The Kristen Ritter Foundation memorial fund through Charitysmith was established in February 2016 and will raise money and donate to various charities in Kristen’s name. The charities will be carefully and thoughtfully chosen in order to make a difference the way Kristen did during her 38 years of life. It is a great honor for those who love Kristen to continue her work.

Anyone out there who would like to honor Kristen…here’s what you can do…Give from your heart, with the objective of making the world a better place. Crack a joke or be silly to lighten a tough moment. Take chances. Work hard to be your best self. Don’t sit and wait for things to get done; do them. See life as an adventure.


Simple as that. Let’s continue to spread love, Kristen-style! 

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”

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