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Lewis Baggett "Always Faithful"

The Lewis Baggett “Always Faithful” Foundation was founded in memory of Lewis Baggett and in honor of his legacy of always thinking about the needs of other veterans. Lewis Baggett was a Marine from 1953-1956 & spent 16 months of that time in Korea in the DMZ and my Dad since 1966. When I was a kid he always impressed upon me that he was a Marine and “ once a Marine you were always a Marine.” He would tell me that wherever he went and needed help he could count on another Marine and the same applied to all Marines; they look out after their own. He explained to me that the meaning of Semper Fidelis – the US Marines motto and that it meant “Always Faithful.” He always prayed for me when I was deployed and for my other friends, which, he knew needed someone in their “Amen Corner.” He strove to support others who were less fortunate, especially the military persons from all branches of the services. He didn’t have much money but he kept a change jar and when it become full, he would cash it in and give it to someone he felt could use it.

It is for all veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters and EMS who are injured or ill and need a little help to maintain a productive life and their dignity. Most veterans do not ask for anything in return for their service and sacrifice but they deserve our respect and support. Lewis Baggett always stressed that we should be “Always Faithful” to take care of those who have sacrificed for us.

 In this Memorial Foundation, we have a branch called Friends, Vets and Mentors where we are friends to those veterans who need someone to be there for them. We are veterans than can relate to their situations, and we mentor them so they can recover from their illnesses both physically and emotionally and return to a full and productive life.

In addition we reach out to family members of veterans, fire fighters and police officers that require special needs. This would mean the most to those who have passed on and cannot be there for them.

Donations are appreciated, attendance at fund raisers are appreciated, as well as your thoughts and prayers for our veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS and their families.

The best thing we can do is answer the call of faithfulness and use prudence to spend every dime we raise to make the lives of these people and their families better.

Always Faithful, Semper Fidelis

Our Apprentice Program partners with the Veteran Wellness Center to find training and employment for disabled Veterans. 

To provide support for veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS and their families who are injured, ill, or require special needs and need a little help to maintain a productive life and their dignity: apply for the Lewis Baggett “Always Faithful” Scholarship HERE


Author: John Siegfried

Mr. Siegfried is a true American! When he writes, he keeps the Veteran’s interest in the forefront; bringing to light the individual person, their story and issues many veteran’s and their families face alone. He does more for the United States men and women in uniform, than do most elected officials. I urge you to buy a copy of his books, to get a glimpse into the unpublicized life of those who have served us faithfully. He pays it forward, always being faithful to these men, women and their families.

“Islam, and the Rise of the Radical Islamic State.”
Release date 2016

“The New Agent Orange:” From Vietnam to Afghanistan: How The VA Continues to Mistreat Our Veterans to be released in 2015.

“A must read! An eye opener for many who have suffered without answers.

“Six Degrees of the Bracelet: Vietnam’s Continuing Grip.”
Released Veterans Day 11/11/11.

“A forgotten war, but remembered hero’s. Learn the meaning of the “Six Degrees of the Bracelet” and you will realize just how close we are to all of the men and women who risk all for us.”

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