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Preston S. Hartley PTSD Veteran Memorial Fund

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The Preston S. Hartley PTSD Veteran Memorial Fund, established in 2017, is a tribute to the memory and life of our son Preston Hartley. Distributions are awarded to Veterans who are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and would benefit from a trained Service Dog. These donations will assist in the cost of training and obtaining a Service Dog for these Veterans. Donations will be made locally in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

Preston Hartley’s Journey

Preston was born in Austin, TX on December 21, 1985.  He was a very happy baby who loved his older brother David and welcomed his younger brother by walking for the first time on the day Kevin was born.

As a child, Preston loved to read and try new things that involved learning.  When he was about 10, he bought a typewriter at a neighbor’s garage sale so he could learn to type, which he did.  His favorite toys—Micro machines, Pogs, Teenage Ninja Turtles and watching Rug Rats—were set aside once he was introduced to the world of computers.  Preston began by playing games, then even learned to code at a young age. His fascination with computing never stopped.

During middle school, Preston was involved in soccer and football and playing the cello in the symphony. Maintaining a part-time job from age 16 on, Preston attended and graduated with honors from McNeil High School.  Soon after graduation, he joined the Army and became a member of the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood.  During his service, Preston did two tours in Iraq, having been Stop-Lossed after his first tour.  During his second tour, Preston was promoted to Sergeant and became fluent in Spanish and German.  Many of his military comrades recall that he was always cracking jokes, laughing and making others smile.

Upon his return Stateside, Preston enrolled in college to work on a degree in Computer Science.  He was close to achieving that goal when he began having sleeping and anger issues. Soon after he was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) by a civilian physician, Preston moved to Georgia and married his true love. They were planning to return to Austin.  Unfortunately, Preston didn’t get the medical care he needed to help combat his PTSD, and on April 14, 2017, he lost his battle.

Increasing numbers of veterans—some sources cite studies showing as many as 22 per day—lose their own battles with PTSD. Service dogs are trained to mitigate the symptoms of PTSD, giving those who fought for us a fighting chance.  In honor of our son, brother, uncle and husband, Preston’s family established the PSHartley Veteran PTSD Memorial Fund. The fund will help to offset costs to veterans. Your donations will go to a local nonprofit that adopts dogs from local shelters, trains them as service dogs, and trains their recipients in Austin, TX and the surrounding area.  Currently they are unable to meet the needs of all the veterans who have applied.  Your donation will save a shelter animal and help a veteran along the path to recovery. Please help us keep Preston’s memory and his hope for others alive.

Fund Administrators

  • Lynn and Dale Hartley


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Preston S. Hartley Veteran Memorial Fund
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