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Brender Family Scholarship Fund

About Brender Family Scholarship Fund

James and Wendy Brender established the Brender Family Scholarship Fund in 2012 to help defray the cost of higher education. We strongly believe that higher education is important and should be accessible to all. We also think that applying a donation directly to a scholarship recipient’s tuition bill is more efficient than donating to a university’s general scholarship fund. Each scholarship is a four-year award reflecting our view that students need support throughout their academic career.

As of September 30, 2021, the Brender Family Scholarship Fund has assisted 24 students with $60,000 of aid. We ask high school administrators to select scholarship recipients on the basis of academic performance and volunteer work. Some scholarships are targeted toward students participating in a certain extracurricular activity or pursuing a particular degree. If you donate to the Brender Family Scholarship Fund, we would be happy to work with you to create a scholarship that honors a loved one and rewards someone who is attending your high school or participating in a certain activity that is important to you.

Verna Skosnik Memorial Scholarship

The Verna Skosnik Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior who demonstrates strong academic promise and an interest in the Labor Movement and women’s rights. Verna Skosnik was an avid supporter of both these causes. Verna also believed strongly in the value of education. Her three children have two Ph.D’s and an MBA.

Verna was born in Sligo, Missouri in 1918. She lived in Missouri until 1937 when she traveled around the country to organize labor unions, particularly in the South. Her life was threatened, but she never stopped fighting for this cause. She was a star witness in a trial that convicted a mob leader who used violence to shut down the unions.

She met and married her husband, John, after knowing him for only three weeks because he was leaving to fight in World War II. When he returned, they moved to Michigan. Verna accepted a job at Montgomery Wards where she worked for 23 years as a department manager. She often mentored her employees so that they could advance in their careers. Verna was well respected by both the people who worked for her and the store’s senior management.

After retiring in 1975, Verna remained active and spent time with her family, which had grown to include six grandchildren. At the age of 82, she was elected and served as Precinct Delegate. Verna had an uncommon zest for life and cheerful attitude that brightened the day of those


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  • James Brender


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The above Memorial Fund is established as a division of Charitysmith Nonprofit Foundation (EIN 87-0636433). All donations are tax deductible in accordance with federal tax law. Receipts for tax purposes are sent via US Mail within two weeks of donation. Please consider asking if your employer participates in a gift-matching program. If so, your donation may be matched by your employer.

For questions regarding your donation or this memorial fund please contact CharitySmith.


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