A Registered 501(c)3 Public Charity

How It Works

Your loved one made a difference. Their legacy will too.

Easily start a Memorial Fund, Memorial Scholarship, or Charitable Fund in full accordance with federal law and tax requirements.

Monies raised can be used toward scholarships and grants, medical research, or donated to families in need.

You decide.


Gifts to Memorial Funds are Tax Deductible

 Manages CC Processing

 Accepts Checks and Gifts of Stock

 Generates Gift Receipts

 Manages Scholarship Process

 Manages Gifts from Memorial Fund to NPOs and Applicants

 Non Profit Business Model

 Focused Exclusively on Memorial Funds

 Phone and Email Support


Credit Cards Only

Credit Cards Only



Credit Cards Only

Credit Cards Only 


Credit Cards Only

Credit Cards Only

Good Lives Well Remembered

We have created and currently administer over 150 memorial funds.

In 2018, the legacies they honor live on, with over $960,000 distributed annually in scholarships, grants, medical research, and
help for families in need.

Join us, and keep the love alive with a CharitySmith Memorial Fund.

Every Step of The Way

We are here to help you honor a loved one. Easily create a memorial,
scholarship or charitable fund. Our team of compassionate assistants
provide knowledgable and expert guidance via email,
phone or in person.

Stacey Spain

Executive Director