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How To Setup A Memorial Fund

You do the good, we do the paperwork.
At CHARITYSMITH we believe the creation of a memorial fund is a beautiful way to honor a loved-one who is no longer with us. As such, we strive to partner with each fund administrator to make the creation of a memorial fund as quick and easy as possible. Our goal is to build the lasting memorial endeavor you envision. Please see below for the simple steps to start a memorial fund or for answers to our frequently asked questions.

CHARITYSMITH’s Role — CHARITYSMITH manages all administrative duties of the fund: filing tax returns, issuing receipts to donors, accounting, updating the website, issuing distribution checks, etc. Fund Administrators Role — As the founder of the memorial fund for your loved one, you and those you wish to invite to serve with you, will become Fund Administrators. As such, the opportunity to perform fundraisers, assign scholarships, and coordinate the functions of the memorial fund will be yours. Get started by completing the Build a Fund Worksheet. For more information or help, please email [email protected] or call 866.558.2064.

Every Step of The Way

We are here to help you honor a loved one. Easily create a memorial,
scholarship or charitable fund. Our team of compassionate administrators
provide knowledgable and expert guidance via email,
phone or in person.

Brenda Zimmerman

Executive Director