Start a nonprofit memorial fund in less than four days.

You do the good, we do the paperwork.

We believe the creation of a memorial fund is a beautiful way to honor a loved-one. Our goal is to build the lasting memorial endeavor you envision as quickly and easily as possible.

Brooks Rohlen

Founder, CharitySmith

Complete the steps below to start a fund.

We take care of the rest. For more information view our startup guide and frequently asked questions.

How It Works

CharitySmith’s Role

CharitySmith manages all administrative duties of starting a nonprofit organization: filing tax returns, issuing receipts to donors, accounting, updating the website, issuing distribution checks, etc. We have transparent accounting, provide monthly reports and real-time donation updates. Additionally, we advise on charitable giving and help plan fund goals. In short, we do the paperwork.

Fund Administrator’s Role 

As the founder of the memorial fund for your loved one, you and those you wish to invite to serve with you, will become Fund Administrators. As such, the opportunity to perform fundraisers, assign scholarships, and coordinate the functions of the memorial fund will be yours. Get started by completing the Build a Fund Worksheet above.

Memorial Fund Examples

dr gregory magee memorial

Why CharitySmith?


Understanding Your Options – There are many online services that allow you to start a memorial fund in honor of your loved one. As a 501(c)3 public charity, CharitySmith stands apart. Setting up a fund through CharitySmith gives you all of the benefits of creating your own nonprofit organization without the hassle. We’ve done the administrative work to start a nonprofit, allowing you to begin immediately, and not worry about or be delayed by state and federal regulations.

Good to Know – when organizing a fund through a crowd funding site, funeral service, or bank it is not a nonprofit and as a founder your are responsible to pay taxes on any money raised. Contact us to learn more.

CharitySmith was such a help to us when we wanted to set up a scholarship fund in honor of my sister who had just passed away. People were eager to donate and we needed something done quickly. The fund was set up within a week of contacting CharitySmith and the website was ready to take donations – it was that simple.

Stacey Warner

Administrator, the Megan's memory scholarship

This Month’s Memorial Fund Spotlight



The mission of Steps4Hope is nothing short of heroic. It is dedicated to honoring Jonathan’s life by uniting the community in a shared commitment: to raise awareness about the disease of addiction, to end the stigma that surrounds it, and ultimately, to save lives.

Every Step of The Way

We are here to support you every step of the way. Our team of compassionate administrators is always available to provide guidance, share ideas, and lend our expertise to ensure the success of your memorial fund.

Rachel Ward Rohlen

Rachel Ward Rohlen

Executive Director

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