Dawayne Joel Amos Rozelle Memorial Fund

Dawayne Joel Amos, was born on December 22, 1984, at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, New York. He was a bright, energetic, and charismatic child with a vibrant smile and witty way about himself. He would seldom shy away from difficult tasks and always wanted to be challenged and inspired. He was a curious and inquisitive child who sought to learn everything and then some.

As a student, he loved to draw, read, and write poetry. He was the type of student that teachers valued having in their classroom or amongst their students. He was filled with energy, helpful, caring, and driven in all aspects of life.

As a teenager he had a smile that could light up a room, and was truly memorable. Anyone who knew him would agree that he was a very special individual and in one way or another, affected their lives in an inspiring way. He loved to work with younger children and his affect on them was always positive.

It was apparent that he was a strong leader who motivated and inspired others by example and positive encouragement. He was an exceptional athlete excelling in wrestling, track and field, football, and boxing. He had a passion for poetry and had several of his works published in various poetry publications.

After graduating from High School, he took his excellent leadership and character traits and joined the U.S. Army. As a service man, he was a highly motivated and truly dedicated hard charging overachiever who led by example and expected nothing but the best from himself and his team members. His “can-do” attitude and leadership abilities were exemplified by his many accolades and awards, and the respect given to him by his peers and superiors. He was proud and honored to be a soldier in the United States Army.

As a young adult he became an avid reader whose zest for knowledge and understanding allowed him to be open and receptive to new ideas and points of views. He often made a lasting and unforgettable impression on those he met, and found it sometimes unbearable if someone misunderstood him or viewed his intentions in an adverse way. He was a proud and devoted husband who proudly professed the love he had for his wife and the wholeness he felt by having her in his life. Family, and all that it represented, was of the utmost importance to him, and he respected its meaning and its value. He greatly cherished the friendships he made and appreciated all the persons that he made acquaintance with, often trying to learn something new from everyone he met and leave a little of himself in the process.

He touched the lives of many and his loss is immeasurable. Although we will miss him greatly, we will carry the countless memories in our minds and hearts forever and ever.

About Dawayne

Dawayne was an ambitious 22 year old young man, with a charismatic personality and an infectious smile. His personality and demeanor was such that people gravitated toward him sometimes unknowingly. He was boyishly handsome and never arrogant or boastful.

Always reminding others that beauty within far exceeded external beauty. He was passionate about his poetry and writing, especially in his journals.

His love for wrestling encouraged him to volunteer with the town’s recreation wresting club where he helped coach and trained children in the sport he so loved. He always strived to make a difference in peoples lives, one person at a time. He wanted no reward other than a smile or hug and the acknowledgment that you were going to be okay. He had an infectious smile that made you smile despite whatever you were feeling.

The older brother of six siblings, he was a role model and always led by example. Always spending quality time with his sisters and brothers, and emphasizing the importance of family. He was always approachable and readily available to his family and friends.

He served in the US Army and was proud and honored to be a soldier and he exemplified this with his achievement of many accolades, honors, and awards, and the respect given to him by his peers and superiors.

He touched the lives of many and his loss is immeasurable. Although we will miss him greatly, we will carry the countless memories in our minds and hearts forever and ever.


The Dawayne Joel Amos Rozzelle (D.J.A.R.) Scholarship Fund was founded to honor an inspiring, and influential young man who touched the lives of many.

The purpose of the D.J.A.R. Fund is to annually award scholarships to Kearny High School graduating seniors to assist with the cost of attending a college, university, or trade school.

The scholarship will be rewarded to students who have displayed exemplary achievements in the athletic and academic arenas despite hardships and/or challenges. These students would have shown that with perseverance and effort, and enduring all challenges they’ve faced, whether good or bad, yields rewards.

The scholarship will be funded by an annual Memorial Fund Raising Event that brings the community, family, and friends together to celebrate the life of Dawayne Joel Amos Rozzelle. In addition, funds from contributions given and/or donated by generous businesses, friends and donators will help in sustaining the fund.


Fund Administrators

  • Irma Rozzelle
  • Arthur Rozzelle, Jr.


  • 2014 – Wilker Villacorta
  • 2013 – Ryan A. Michaels
  • 2012 – Jonathan Melendez
  • 2011 – Andrew Plaugic
  • 2010 – Nick Machado
  • 2009 – Bill Dimos


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