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Glenda Harr Memorial Fund

The Glenda Harr Memorial Scholarship for Chemistry Research provides a single student with the opportunity to complete chemistry research in the lab on an annual basis. Recipients are selected through the Brigham Young University Chemistry Department. Applications may be obtained by calling (801) 378-2231. Undergraduate level science students are encouraged to apply through the Chemistry Department at Brigham Young University.

About Glenda

The Glenda Harr Memorial Scholarship for Chemistry Research was established in 1999. In the summer of 1997, Glenda Harr died of cancer. The following summer, Josh Harr and Brooks Rohlen created this award in her memory, celebrating the life that she lived and contributing to the research she needed. Additionally, the focus of the scholarship, chemistry research, reflects Josh Harr’s Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and the tutoring that Josh so often gave to Brooks Rohlen in general chemistry. The award is presented annually through the Brigham Young University Chemistry Department.


Past Recipients


  • 2014 Sam Thorpe mentored by Dr. Greg Burton “Effect of AAT-Treated FDCs on HIV production in Tfh T-Cells” Thank You Note | Research
  • 2012 Jonathan Wright
  • 2011 Nathan Bushman
  • 2010 Joseph MosleyDetermination of carbon dioxide and methane from anaerobic digestion of algae
  • 2009 Jon Low Water Vapor Effect on the Products of RO2. + NO Reactions,” mentored by Jaron Hansen
  • 2007 Jay Gardner Nelson, under the direction of Dr. Paul Savage, an organic chemist in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • 2006 Sarah Matthews mentored by Dr. Roger G. Harrison “Metal-Assembled Resorcinarene-Based Polymers” (Review Her Research)
  • 2005 Jeffrey Stevens mentored by Dr. Merrit B. Andrus, “Glycolate Phase Transfer Catalysis
  • 2004 Carrie Jensen mentored by Dr. Matthew C. Asplund, “Electron Distribution in the Excited State of (OC)5W(pyrazine)W)CO)5
  • 2003 Andrew Mills mentored by Dr. Paul B. Farnsworth, Associate Chair of the Department, “Ion Transmission in Plasma-source Mass Spectrometers
  • 2002 Dana Smith mentored by Dr. John Lamb, “Synthesis of Resorcinarene-based Cavitands
  • 2001 Mark Meng mentored by Dr. Roger G. Harrison, “Porous Metal-Organic Compounds
  • 2000 Benjamin Cramer mentored by Dr. Noel L. Owen, “Isolation and Characterization of Active Compounds in the Ghanaian Plant, Cleome viscosa
  • 1999 David Dastrup mentored by Dr. Randall B. Shirts, “Determination of Alkaline Earth Ion Van der Waal Perimeters for the AMBER Force Field


Fund Administrators


  • Josh Harr
  • Brooks Rohlen




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