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Lara passed away on Thursday, April 12th after a tragic incident on the beach in Santa Cruz. She was on Spring Break and enjoying spending time with the family and friends including her puppy Clark. Lara and her sister Kaira were collecting seashells on the sand and placing them on one of the logs scattered around the beach. A small wave came in, lifted the log, and it fell on both girls. Lara was on the ocean side so the log moved onto her with great force as the water receded. The log was too heavy to lift but we were able to get the girls out from under the log because of the sand but at that point it was already too late for Lara. Help arrived on site and she was taken to a local hospital and was ultimately airlifted to Stanford. She unable to recover from the head injury and blood loss.

Lara is an unforgettable spirit. She was the source of most of the fun and energy and good natured naughtiness in the house. We miss her desperately. She was super charming and a natural leader. She was also a loving sister (“awww Kaira, you look so cute”) and an irreplaceable source of entertainment. She was also the source of much anxiety for her parents (“daddy, we’re just little girls and we’re curious”). Our one consolation is that she knew how much she was loved and was able to experience so much with us in her 6 short years with us. She was our angel on earth and now she is our angel in heaven.  She was our best friend and has left a big irreplaceable hole.


Lara at 3:

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  • Gaurav Rekhi
  • Rana Rekhi
  • Manu Rekhi
  • Tony Rekhi


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