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PB&J Spreading Love

The PB&J Spreading Love Foundation was started in honor of Paige by her parents Brandin and Jennifer, hence the PB&J. Just like a PB&J Sandwich, we went together perfectly. We were a balance of sweet and savory, and better together than on our own.

Paige was our only child and she was an athletic, loving, beautiful and a free-spirited child. We always told her she was the perfect blend of a boy and girl because she loved to be outdoors with Daddy hunting and getting dirty, yet she was always happy to go shopping or get a pedicure with Mom.

Paige was perfectly happy and healthy (or so we thought) until April of 2017 when she started having some dizziness and numbness in her left leg. We visited her Pediatrician and they scheduled an MRI immediately. Before we got home from the appointment her Pediatrician called  to tell us we needed to go to the Oncologist first thing in the morning because we had been scheduled for an appointment. We were told on May 2nd of 2017 that our 13-year-old daughter had an inoperable brain stem tumor called DIPG, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. We were told that day that she would die within the next 9-12 months. The Oncologist team informed us that currently there is no cure for this type of brain tumor and the only “treatment” is radiation and oral steroids that could possibly give us a little more time.

We begged for another diagnosis that day. We were willing to accept any other type of cancer that offered more treatment options because we were willing to do anything to save our little girl. The Oncologist team told us that DIPG has a 0% survival rate and there are no real treatment options. We were told to go home and make the best of each and every day. We spent days, hours and weeks researching for something to save Paige but in the end, everything led back to the fact that we would inevitably lose our daughter.

Paige fought bravely and valiantly for 11 months but she passed away on April 11th of 2018. During those 11 months we were able to take her on a trip, give her the most spectacular Christmas yard display in the neighborhood and a 14th birthday party with 200 people with a 5-tier birthday cake. She was loved, catered to and humbled by each and every one of those experiences. None of these things would have been possible without the financial help of others! We went from, a 2-income household to 1-income, like most families who have a child with a terminal illness.

During Paige’s 11 month fight our family, community, friends, co-workers, Facebook followers and numerous charitable foundations supported us emotionally, spiritually and financially. The love and support we received was immeasurable and the only way we know how to thank those that helped us when we needed it most, is to pay it forward in some way.

We started this foundation because of Paige’s love for everyone, her desire to help others when she could and the kindness we received from others during our difficult journey. We could not save Paige but without the financial help of others we would have not only lost our daughter but also would have ended up in a financial bind. The financial burden a family experiences when you have a terminally ill child is unfathomable. The medical expenses, in home care, loss of income, handicap transportation with adjustments that have to be made to your home quickly add up.

Our Mission as a program offered through Charity Smith is to help families of children that have been diagnosed specifically with DIPG or children that have been put into hospice or palliative end of life care with less than 6 months to live.

Our Vision is to financially help families in their time of need and provide for them an opportunity to be with their child as much as possible without worrying about how the bills will get paid and how their child’s last wishes will be met. The saying you hear when you are struggling…. “No One Fights Alone” is true. Our family didn’t fight alone, and other families shouldn’t either if we can help it.

Fund Administrators

  • Jennifer Davis
  • Brandin Davis


CharitySmith accepts donations in two ways:

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PB&J Spreading Love
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The above Memorial Fund is established as a division of Charitysmith Nonprofit Foundation (EIN 87-0636433). All donations are tax deductible in accordance with federal tax law. Receipts for tax purposes are sent via US Mail within two weeks of donation. Please consider asking if your employer participates in a gift-matching program. If so, your donation may be matched by your employer.

For questions regarding your donation or this memorial fund please contact CharitySmith.

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