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R.E.M. Rural Cancer Assistance Fund

R.E.M. Rural Cancer Assistance Fund

Ron was an amazing husband, father, son, brother and grandpa. Ron passed away Aug 27th, 2013 at the age of 65 from colon cancer. The R.E.M. rural cancer assistance fund is a tribute to Ron’s battle against cancer. Donations will be used to ease burdens faced by cancer patients who receive treatments in small town hospitals.

Ron was a hard working country boy who was born and raised on a farm in south central Kansas. Ron married Carol, the love of his life, and together they continued the farming tradition while raising 4 children. Ron loved to travel and see new places, he was a friendly and outgoing man who never knew a stranger. After his cancer diagnosis Ron received a majority of his treatments at a nearby small town hospital where he befriended staff and patients.

Ron’s death left a huge void in the lives of everyone who loved him. This fund has been established to honor Ron and keep his memory alive.


Fund administrator:
Sara Voyles

Telephone: 316-706-3140

Street Address:
13378 S.E. 30 Ave
Rago, Kansas
Email:[email protected]

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