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Shastri Ali Memorial Fund

“The sands of time cannot be stopped. Years pass whether we will them or not…but we can remember. What has been lost may yet live on in memories. That which you will hear is imperfect and fragmented, yet treasure it, for without you It does not exist.” Brom, the storyteller, from Eragon.

The Shastri Ali Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in April, 2013 after Shastri’s tragic death. Shastri fell and had massive brain damage from which he never recovered. Shastri was a brilliant young man. He loved life; he worked very hard to help secure the environment he lived in for future generations. As a young child, while visiting the Bronx Zoo in New York, he fell in love with animals and that love grew stronger as he got older.

Every employer that had him as a volunteer employee knew him as a dedicated, passionate worker so as soon as a position became available he was offered the job. While he was working at the Zoo he was offered a position at the Aquarium, he was very sad that he could not take that job because he was very happy at the Zoo, and was working weekends at the Science center. It was with great sadness after working two years at the Zoo he resigned.

Shastri quickly got busy with neighborhood farming, he begin working more at the Science center.
He also volunteered at the Carrie Murray Nature Center. In the summer of 2012 Shastri was offered a job with Baltimore City Recreation (Carrie Murray and Nature Center) where he was a camp counsular. He would come home speaking how much he enjoyed working with the children and the activities he did. He developed a love for face painting and shared that with the children there. After summer camp had ended Shastri became a member of the Board of Directors at Carrie Murray and Nature Center. While doing all this Shastri was in college. While he was on campus he volunteered at the college Child Development Center, he would take in all the animals he had access to for the students to experience. He went on field trips with the teachers, parents and students. Shastri was involved with many different organizations. He had membership to Cylburn Arboretum Association and the Horticultural Society of Maryland.

Shastri was working on his degree at Baltimore City Community College his major was going to be Environmental Science he did not complete because he felt that sitting in a classroom was taking away from the time he could be out helping others, or volunteering. This spring semester he had enrolled at UMBC. He was taking a Master Farming class.

Shastri learned how to incubate and hatch several birds quail, pheasants and poultry. He breed and fed insects, crickets, mealworms, super worms, phoenix worms, wax worms, silkworms, hornworms, earthworms and grasshoppers) “I have also bred triops, guppies, zebra fish, Mosquito fish, brine shrimp, grindal worms, microworms(white worms) and vinegar eels”. Many of this incubation took place in his room. He had at one time over 40 quails in his room.

Shastri Ali’s Scholarship Proposed Criteria

  • Must be attending a College in Maryland.
  • Must be actively seeking a degree within the (STEM program) science, technology engineering and mathematics) attend/ participate in two thirds of the general club meetings; participate in at least three major different club activities throughout the academic year.)
  • Must have completed at least one semester of academics with an average of 3.0 grade point average (12 credits)
  • Must justify a need basis. (i.e hardship/ social)
  • Specific information: scholarship winner selection will be made by at least one member of the scholarship sponsor (family member) and two advisors from the club.
  • Must be an STEM major.

The four $500.00 scholarships can be partial for such as books, tuition assistance and/ or fees.

This can be increased to a $1000.00 scholarships as the funds increases and is it to be for tuition, fees and books.

  • All funds will be sent to the winner’s college account.
  • No funds will be given directly to the student.
  • There will be no cash dispersed to the student.

Fund Adminstrators

  • Eugena Ali



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