Zyllah Raelynn Razon Memorial Scholarship

The Zyllah Raelynn Razon Memorial Scholarship was conceived in 2017 at the one year anniversary of losing a member of #teamrazon.

Her name, Zyllah, came from Genesis chapter 4. It means “shadow.” She was faithful and ever present even in the gloomiest of days, just like a shadow. She never wavered but stood firm. Her middle name is a compilation of both of her parent’s middle names, Michael RAE and Priscilla LYNN. Raelynn, meaning a “pool of grace.”  A little piece of them to be with her always.

From the very beginning, Zyllah would not be left behind. She worked hard to learn to eat, she worked hard to grow, she worked hard to crawl, she was always ready to do exactly what her twin brother did and go everywhere he went. Even when he started walking, she would crawl anywhere just to be with him.

As she got older she developed her own personality. One of laughter and love. She loved to show her independence and be just like one of the other “big” kids. She would feed herself, only drink water from cups, use the toilet like a big girl, buckle herself into her car seat and highchair, even dress herself on occasion! She loved to praise the Lord! She would quickly finish her nighttime milk, so she could sing her worship songs and do the motions. She loved Sabbath school, praying, giving her offering, and holding her basket for Children’s Story. Her role model was her mommy. One of her many joys was carrying around purses and pushing her babies. She was so very affectionate with her babies, if you met her, you remember how she always had one of her monkeys or pink bear or even Emily Elizabeth close at hand. You could tell she was going to be a great big sister one day and an even greater mommy.

The one thing that made her different than anybody else was the fact that she was a twin. From the very first time they met outside the womb, you could tell the love between them. Samuel would cuddle with her and she would smile. Now, that wasn’t always the case. They shared a crib for their first year and eventually had to be separated because Zyllah was done with the brother cuddles! Their cribs laid right next to each other, every morning one would wake up and wait for the other. Mommy and Daddy usually were able to get an extra hour of sleep because they would just play, talk and laugh. All day long, they played, shared and on rare occasion fought.

She was such a smart girl.  She probably would have been valedictorian and graduated suma cum laude.  By seeing something done just once, she would try doing it on her own. She was learning 4 languages: Spanish, English, Tagalog, and Sign Language. She could say: “Agua,” “Be-Be,” “Daddy,” “Hi,” “Bye-Bye,” “Mama,” “Tia or Aunt” “More,” “Eat,” “Drink,” “Hey,” and “uh-oh.” She knew her body parts and her animals and their sounds. Her favorite was quacking like a duck and growling like a tiger. She loved blowing kisses and giving hugs.

As parents of twins we were doubly ready to invest in our children’s future in Christian education. Then, the unthinkable happened. As our son started school, each month brought heartache. Every month that we only paid one tuition was a reminder of what we had lost. We decided to make something positive come from our grief. That’s when the idea of her scholarship was born. With the help of her family and our community we are able to contribute to her legacy. Every year we will award her tuition money to students who are pursuing a Christian education. Our hope is that many families will be blessed with what would have been her Christian education.

Scholarship Details

Thank you for your interest in the Zyllah Raelynn Razon Memorial Scholarship.

We would first like to congratulate our winners from 2022.

Alyssa Estrada

Earl Velasquez

Reuben Estrada

Tiffany Chavez

Elijah Baca

A special thank you to our 9 committee members, for the difficult job of reviewing all the worthy applicants and choosing our 2022 awardees. Thank you!

This scholarship is for any student in grades PK-12 who is pursuing a Christian Education. We will be accepting applications through May 1, 2023. Up to three applicants will be selected and awarded the scholarship for the school year of 2023-2024.

To apply, please have one recommendation letter ready to upload from your church pastor/elder or a teacher. 

Click on the button below to fill out the application.

Fund Administrators

  • Priscilla Razon
  • Mike Razon
  • Amanda Valencia


CharitySmith accepts donations in two ways:

By Mail:
Zyllah Raelynn Razon Memorial Fund
CharitySmith Nonprofit Foundation
13100 Filly Lane
Truckee, CA 96161
Use credit card by clicking the link below.
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The above Memorial Fund is established as a division of Charitysmith Nonprofit Foundation (EIN 87-0636433). All donations are tax deductible in accordance with federal tax law. Receipts for tax purposes are sent via US Mail within two weeks of donation. Please consider asking if your employer participates in a gift-matching program. If so, your donation may be matched by your employer.

For questions regarding your donation or this memorial fund please contact CharitySmith.

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