Mica Hammond Fund G-Tube Blended Diet Reimbursement:

The Mica Hammond Fund intends to give awards totaling approximately $2000 annually, periodically as needed, to help pay valid noninsured expenses related to and incurred by needs-based families that use blended diets for G-tubed special needs children.

Timing: Applications accepted, considered, awarded and then publicized, on a rolling basis.

Selection process: Selection of award recipients will be based on the merits of the submitted materials. The awards will only be paid to the proven source of out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursements, related to blended G-tube diets for special needs children. The Fund may request further information or clarification at any point in the process. Ineligible recipients include Fund members/administrators/selectors. New recipients generally have priority over past recipients. 

Name of prospective recipient/family,(Required)
Do not overburden yourself, but the more documentation you can provide us to prove the need; lack of coverage for it; and actual expense incurred or to be incurred - the more likely we can fully consider your application and approve a valid payment to the correct party. Documents that may help along these lines may include: Health professional's note, receipts, EOBs or similar - and/or anything that verifies the actual party who would receive the funds is the valid recipient.
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