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Grace’s Gift

This grant is made available to families facing a pediatric brain tumor diagnosis. It is intended to ease the financial burden of uncovered medical treatments to allow them to pursue the best for their child.

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Child’s Name and Diagnosis (Please attach documentation from a medical practice with name of patient, date of diagnosis, physician’s name and name of location treating. Location or form of treatment will not affect your eligibility for a grant.)


What will this grant allow you to do for your child? (for info only):

How did you hear about us?

Having been on this road ourselves, we understand the importance of all types of support. If you are willing, please share your story with us when we make contact. We may be able to offer you other resources and we would love to hear about your child.

*Applicant must be a parent or legal guardian’s name. We understand that during this chaotic time, they may not be able to handle the paperwork filing so we have made accommodations for another name as a contact point.