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Suad Khalafallah Memorial Fund

We all should be remembered for the things we do and the actions we take leaving a lasting mark on the world we live in.

Suad Khalafallah (Mom) Through my Eyes:

To my BEST friend, not only did I learn so much from your wisdom during our journey together, I learned the biggest lesson after your departure.  I realized that the illness that took you from my daily life was not the only and maybe not your most difficult challenge.  In retrospect I can see that your journey from a young age was full of difficult challenges.  Despite these challenges I will always remember hearing your contentment when recalling each stage in your life.  Never complaining and always mentioning the lesson your learned from any challenges you encountered.  Your strength has always amazed me.  Enduring two types of cancer, suffering from the impacts of chemo treatments resulting in hearing loss, vision impairment to the point of not being able to bear the morning light that we take for granted each and every day.  One of your accomplishments that makes me so proud is how you as a young mother of 4 children decided to continue your own education.  You decided to not allow a lack of education prevent you from helping your kids with schoolwork.  Despite being a full-time mom of four, you dedicated yourself to completing your schooling from sixth grade all the way through college and earn a BA as a history major.  This showed me so much about who you are and makes me so proud.

Now, I realize your efforts for helping others, providing encouragement to believe in themselves and others was based on the foundation of your life experiences.  Everyone has their own challenges.  Your ability to reach out and support those in need, assisting, and supporting others to rise up and conquer their challenges was such a noble thing to do.

I have seen your giving grow through the years.  I will always remember you calling me from the hospital just few days before you passed asking me to take the remaining money from your account and spread it equally to the families that you were so worried about.

My mom, in her final days, still thinking of others and how she can help others in need. I know one of your biggest worries was what they will do when you are gone, who will help them after your pass.

R.I.P Mom, your do-good, feel-good torch will be always be lit by your continually giving soul.

In honor of my Mom, The Suad Khalafallah memorial fund has been created to carry on the support and caring of others in need and keep her mission to help others alive.  All donations go to help families in need of a helping hand.  Donations have been used to help young widows with children, providing wheelchairs those in need, assistance in covering medication/medical expenses, providing clothing and education expenses for children.

I love you mom.  Hala Khalafa llah

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  • Hala Khalafallah


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