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We have recently created two new memorial funds here at CHARITYSMITH. We believe we are working together to bring beauty out of loss and help change lives all over the country! We think that by sharing what people are doing in memory of their loved ones really does help that love live forever!

The Andrew Schliske Memorial Fund has already held their first fundraiser, a golf tournament in Virginia Beach that was held June 7th! A great day of remembering Andrew’s life and impact on all who met him. Fund distributions will be awarded annually to organizations that either support youth related causes or other organizations that will honor Andrew’s legacy.

Check out their site – www.andrewschliskememorialfund.org

      Andrew Schliske Memorial Fund      Andrew Schliske Memorial Fund     Andrew Schliske Memorial Fund



Another one of our new funds is The Jonathan Moules Steps4Hope Foundation. Jonathan’s friends and family have honored Jonathan’s life and legacy in a powerful way. Below is an excerpt from his website www.jonathanmoulessteps4hope.org –

“LAXJAM7 will be a 4 hour clinic to honor the legacy, hard work and determination that Jonathan Allan Moules embodied. Jon, #7, was a 2010 graduate of Great Valley High School where he excelled at the sport of lacrosse. More importantly, he was a loyal and trustworthy teammate. Jon, unfortunately lost his battle with addiction this past January.

jmoules-main   Jonathan Moules Memorial Steps4Hope Foundation   Jonathan Moules Memorial Steps4Hope Foundation

After the loss of Jonathan, the Moules family and friends wanted to find a way to remember him, and at the same time make a difference for others in our community. LAXJAM7 is that opportunity to share the sport that he loved. Jonathan was passionate about lacrosse and the bond he had with his coach and teammates was something he treasured. The Moules family would like to invite you to join in the first LAXJAM7 and thank you for your support. We know that the participants will have a fun-filled afternoon of lacrosse and share the in the enthusiasm that Jon held for game. All proceeds from the clinic will go to the Jonathan Moules Memorial Steps4Hope Foundation that promotes initiatives and education toward drug awareness and prevention.”



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Ashley Galleher

Executive Director

CHARITYSMITH Nonprofit Foundation