Holiday Grief – Celebrating Holidays After Loss

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Latest News

The holiday season can feel especially difficult when grieving the loss of a loved one and holiday grief is certainly very common. Holidays often center around beloved rituals, bringing families together, and cherishing time with those we care about most. When someone special is no longer there to enjoy these traditions with you, the season can magnify sadness and loss.

While the pain of their absence may always be felt, there are a number of thoughtful ways to honor your loved one and still embrace the holiday spirit.

Navigating Holiday Grief

Share Memories
Spend time with family reminiscing joyful holidays past. Get out photo albums, make your loved one’s favorite cookies, play their favorite songs and share your fondest stories about them. Keeping their memory alive is a beautiful way to celebrate.

Light a Candle
Place a memorial candle on the holiday table and light it in remembrance during gatherings or holiday meals. Take a moment to say a prayer, poem or share a treasured memory of your loved one.

Make Their Favorite Dishes
If your loved one had signature holiday recipes or dishes, carry on the tradition by making these yourself or asking a family member to prepare them. This keeps your loved one’s spirit and love woven into your celebrations.

Leave a Place For Them at the Table
Consider placing a photo, candle, flowers or other memento at an empty seat at the holiday table to quietly honor your loved one’s absence and the space they once occupied.

Donate and Give Back
Donate your time, money or resources to a cause or charity your loved one strongly supported. Doing good in their memory is a special way to celebrate their legacy and transform holiday grief.

The holiday season will never be quite the same after losing someone dear. But you can still find small ways to celebrate them, remember the joy they brought you, and include them in spirit during the holidays. Click here to find out more about honoring your loved one with a memorial fund.

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